Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NTC ADSL Configuration

Please follow the following steps for your ADSL configuration.
Before going to the main configurations, make sure all the hardware's are set up properly.
To set up the hardware's properly, please follow these simple steps.

1.Take the telephone incoming line and insert it in the splitter( you need to buy the splitter to use ADSL) - there is one port in one side and two ports at the other side of the splitter). Insert this main line in the single port one.

2. From the other side of the splitter, join one to the phone line(land line) and the other to your router.

Now, the hardware's on place. Follow these to configure the ADSL.
1. Open your laptop/desktop.
2. Now open any web browser (Internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) and Enter address
3. Here, a login interface appears. By default,
username : admin
password : admin

4. Remember, the required settings for ADSL are
VPI – 8
VCI – 81
Connection type/ ISP = PPPoE
Username and passwords as given by Nepal telecom
PPPoE service name = ntc
Authentication = AUTO
Encapsulation = LLC

5. If you find difficulties; don't worry ; here are the screen shots for different commonly used routers in Nepal.

For Digicom :
Step 1.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

For TPLink:

Step 1
Step 2
 For D-Link
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5 
Step 6

For CNet

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Hope you had your ADSL Set up properly. Happy surfing.
These images have been taken from NTC's site.
Tplink –
Digicom –
Dlink –
Cnet –

How to recharge NTC ADSL from phones ?

We can now pay our NTC ADSL bills through our land line phone or our mobile phones. 
Steps to follow: 

Step 1. Dial 1413 from your mobile or land line phone 

Step 2. Press 1 for Nepali ( if you want instructions in Nepali) or 2 to proceed in English 

Step 3. Press 4 for unlimited ADSL and enter your phone number like 015555555# (IMP: the                   number should be followed by # key)

Step 4.  If your ADSL is volume base like 20 GB , 10 GB per month then press 5 and enter the                 phone number like 015555555# and the number should be followed by # key 

Step 5. After the completion of the previous steps, press the PIN code from your Pre-paid                        recharge card followed by # like for example 1234 5678 8900 3456# the PIN code                      should also followed by the #key 

Step 6. If your recharge card is Nrs.100 or Nrs. 200 or Nrs. 1000 then respective amount will be               pay for your ADSL.

For any other queries do write to me or leave comments below.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SLC Result 2069

SLC Results published for 2069/2070
Please download from here.
Download File

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can you crack It !!!

EB 04 AF C2 BF A3 81 EC 00 01 00 00 31 C9 88 0C
0C FE C1 75 F9 31 C0 BA EF BE AD DE 02 04 0C 00
D0 C1 CA 08 8A 1C 0C 8A 3C 04 88 1C 04 88 3C 0C
FE C1 75 E8 E9 5C 00 00 00 89 E3 81 C3 04 00 00
00 5C 58 3D 41 41 41 41 75 43 58 3D 42 42 42 42
75 3B 5A 89 D1 89 E6 89 DF 29 CF F3 A4 89 DE 89
D1 89 DF 29 CF 31 C0 31 DB 31 D2 FE C0 02 1C 06
8A 14 06 8A 34 1E 88 34 06 88 14 1E 00 F2 30 F6
8A 1C 16 8A 17 30 DA 88 17 47 49 75 DE 31 DB 89
D8 FE C0 CD 80 90 90 E8 9D FF FF FF 41 41 41 41

Can you crack it ???

Friday, July 8, 2011

Difference between Row Number, Rank and Dense Rank

What is the Difference between ROW_NUMBER, RANK and DENSE_RANK? Which one to use?

This is very common question in the minds of SQL newbie's.
Lets take 1 simple example to understand the difference between 3.

First lets create some sample data :

-- create table
Names VARCHAR(1),
SalarY INT
-- insert data
-- Test the data
SELECT Names, Salary
FROM Salaries

Now lets query the table to get the salaries of all employees with their salary in descending order.
For that I'll write a query like this :

SELECT names
, salary
,row_number () OVER (ORDER BY salary DESC) as ROW_NUMBER
,rank () OVER (ORDER BY salary DESC) as RANK
,dense_rank () OVER (ORDER BY salary DESC) as DENSE_RANK
FROM salaries

F 10000 1 1 1
E 6000 2 2 2
A 5000 3 3 3
B 5000 4 3 3
D 4000 5 5 4
C 3000 6 6 5

Interesting Names in the result are employee A, B and D.
Row_number assign different number to them.
Rank and Dense_rank both assign same rank to A and B.
But interesting thing is what RANK and DENSE_RANK assign to next row?
Rank assign 5 to the next row, while dense_rank assign 4.

The numbers returned by the DENSE_RANK function do not have gaps and always have consecutive ranks. The RANK function does not always return consecutive integers. The ORDER BY clause determines the sequence in which the rows are assigned their unique ROW_NUMBER within a specified partition.

So question is which one to use?
Its all depends on your requirement and business rule you are following.
1. Row_number to be used only when you just want to have serial number on result set. It is not as intelligent as RANK and DENSE_RANK.
2. Choice between RANK and DENSE_RANK depends on business rule you are following. Rank leaves the gaps between number when it sees common values in 2 or more rows. DENSE_RANK don't leave any gaps between ranks.
So while assigning the next rank to the row RANK will consider the total count of rows before that row and DESNE_RANK will just give next rank according to the value.
So If you are selecting employee’s rank according to their salaries you should be using DENSE_RANK and if you are ranking students according to there marks you should be using RANK(Though it is not mandatory, depends on your requirement.)